"After my hip replacement, accident
prevention was high on my list of concerns"
Graham Campion, designer and founder of STANDbyME.
"In 2010 I had a hip replacement. The operation was a huge success but I struggled with the crutches. The fact being that they were awkward, constantly out of reach and in the way of everyone. There are severe movement restrictions in the first 2 weeks after the operation and I constantly had to be very careful as to the placement of the crutches so that they were readily available when I went to move."

Patient accident & injury risk

Now safer with STANDbyME
“Accident prevention was high on my list of concerns as I often felt unsafe when my crutches were not within my reach. It made me more dependent on others around me.
Because of this I set about designing something to solve this problem. I discussed and refined my ideas with a local industrial designer, manufacturer and health professionals, thus 'STANDbyME' evolved."