No more struggling to reach for your crutches if they fall over and out of your reach!

crutches by hospital bedSTANDbyME is a free standing, steady and easy to move stand that holds all types of walking sticks or crutches so they are out of the way while not in use, yet conveniently close when required.  

The simplicity of the design promotes an uncluttered environment, whether that is beside the couch at home or alongside the bed or in the bathroom in a care facility.

Made from a medical grade stainless steel for extended durability, Stand by Me is still very light, weighing only one and a half kilograms. It’s also easy to keep clean and will never rust or stain your flooring or carpets.

"I am very proud of my invention, especially as we are supporting the “NZ Made” promotion. I am a builder by trade so this invention is way outside my comfort zone. Going by my own experience I feel there are many hospitals, rest homes and private homes where this product will be invaluable to people who are dependent on crutches."
Graham Campion, designer and founder, STANDbyME.