Client Testimonials

braemar hospital

"What a wonderful and innovative design! Graham consulted with us several times while he was designing the crutch stand to gather our practical input. We were delighted to help in any way we could. The stand’s light weight and portability will certainly make life much easier for our patients and will promote independence when they have been discharged. At Braemar we look after many patients that have undergone hip or knee surgery and will be making STANDbyME available to all patients requiring crutches."

Evelyn Hood, Charge Nurse, Braemar Hospital

"Thank you for allowing me to trial the STANDbyME crutch stand after my recent knee surgery. I am delighted you have managed to design such a practical solution to what can be an extremely frustrating problem when crutches are never where you need them to be. I used the stands in several areas of my home where my crutches were easily accessible and my safety not compromised. Once again thank you for making life so much easier post surgery and helping me to maintain maximum independence."

Corina Montgomery

"The STANDbyME crutch holder was a godsend when I was recently in hospital for hip replacement surgery. It was excellent beside the bed for when I needed to reach the crutch set. There would appear to be nowhere in particular in the private room to place the crutches and by using Graham’s Stand by Me crutch holder I was able to be more independent than I otherwise would have been. The stand created much interest with the nursing staff who felt it was a great idea. I’m at home now and my Stand by Me crutch holder is kept handy beside my favourite chair. It has certainly made my life easier and I thoroughly recommend the stand to anyone using crutches."

M Murray